Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Worcester, a girl had a dream. She wondered what would happen if she brought some stories to the city that hadn’t been told before?  The girl told Arts Council England about her dream, and they agreed to give her a small pot of gold to make her dream happen. So the girl ran far and wide, bringing giant beanstalks, meerkats, puppets and mermaids to Worcester; and they told their tale tales in a big shiny gold castle.


That’s how Big Dreamers Festival was born.

Everyone at Big Dreamers Castle promises to...

Help you have fun!
Give everyone the chance to try something new
Ensure everyone feels special
Create a safe space for you to explore

For Grown Ups:

All of our programming is family friendly; we’ve worked with all of our artists to ensure suitable age requirements are in place.

We’re here to make sure that you have a great time. If you have any questions or additional requirements, please drop us a message to see if we can help.

Big Dreamers Festival, The Angel Centre, 14 Angel Place, Worcester, WR1 3QN