Big Dreamers Festival 2019!

After a pilot over Easter 2018, this summer Big Dreamers has received £48k of funding from Arts Council England to deliver 5 days of fun in Worcester!

Between 23rd July until 27th July, we have some fantastic shows - and a few little surprises - in The Hive. Some favourite faces from last year are coming back; if you saw Jack and The Beans Talk, you’ll love Garlic Theatre’s new show Three Little Pig Tails (for ages 3-7) - the story of a grumpy old wolf who’s craving some pig tail soup.

We’re also making new friends, like Goose, their metallic friend Bolty, paper-loving official Whiskers and a feathery jazz singer called

Flossy - characters from Half Moon Theatre’s The Goose Who Flew (for ages 3-7). The Goose Who Flew is coming to us as part of their UK tour.

But this is only half the fun, thanks to Worcester City Council we’re also taking over Cathedral Square for 3 days of outdoor arts. Crack out your gladiator hats for Romans! (all ages) a colossal play event for young and old, rooted in ancient Rome - and part of the British Archaeology Festival. If your helmet is in the cleaner’s, don’t worry, we’ll get you kitted out in the Colosseum.

If you’re more of an architect than a time traveller, Story City (all ages) may be more for you.

We’ve invited interactive outdoor artists Hipkiss & Graney, and their city’s worth of illustrated bricks, so that we can build a city together. Every building has a story to tell - and it’s up to you to tell it. Once the city comes to life - you can start to meet the characters that reside within, the post man delivering his daily rounds; or maybe you'll bump into Beewolf and her best friends Ashwood and Firebreath, her pet dragon, as they embark on a perilous journey to save the kingdom.

This is only touching on the fun we’ve got going on this year, our full programme is now available to view here. We look forward to making memories with you!