Stuart Visits The Theatre For The First Time

We want everyone's first visit to the theatre to be special. If seeing one of our shows is your child's first visit to the theatre, we sent our roving reporter to document his experiences.

Stuart is a scaly, green dragon. He loves strawberries, elephants, and feeding the ducks.

Yesterday, he went to the theatre for the first time. The theatre is the special place where we go to see stories called ‘shows’, and use our imagination! Have you been to the theatre before?

Stuart is going to see a show at The Hive. He’s a little bit early before the show, and doesn’t know what to do.

Don’t worry, Stuart! The theatre has special helpers called ushers, and they will tell Stuart when the door to the theatre is open. Until then, Stuart can play or have a snack. He won’t miss a thing!

When the doors open, Stuart tells the usher his name and she looks for his name on her list.

Oh no!

Stuart’s name isn’t on the list!

That’s ok. Stuart’s Auntie Pam bought the tickets for his birthday, so Auntie Pam’s name is on the list. PHEW!

When you go to the theatre, the grown up who goes with you may have to tell the usher their name. Or did you buy the tickets with your pocket money?

Stuart can sit anywhere he likes in the theatre. He finds his favourite seat right at the front as other children start to come in.

It’s starting to get very loud and busy!

Everyone takes their seats and the lights suddenly go out! But it’s ok, this just means that the show is starting.

During the show, the characters ask the audience lots of questions. The audience is the name for everyone who is watching the show. Stuart shouts out answers with the other children. It makes lots of noise!

Stuart tries to only make noises when he’s taking part so that he doesn’t miss lots of the story.

At the end of the show everyone starts to clap. Stuart can’t clap very well because his arms are too small! But that’s ok. Stuart sees some children waving with both hands at the stage. This is the way that some people choose to say that they have had fun. Stuart waves at the stage as the actors take a big bow!

Everything gets very loud again as everyone leaves the show. Stuart is so glad that he went to see a show, he had a very fun day. In fact, he had so much fun that he’s going to see every show at Big Dreamers Festival!


Audience - ‘the audience’ is a special word for everyone who has come to see the show together.

Usher - the name for the person who is there to help you. You can ask the usher all of your questions.

Theatre - the special room where we see shows, it might get very dark when the show starts.