Visual Guide For Visiting The Hive

We want everyone to have a fantastic time when attending Big Dreamers. This is why we've made a Visual Guide for visiting The Hive. Available by clicking here, or on the picture below.

What is a visual guide?

A visual guide is a step by step guide to what will happen, and landmarks to look out for, when attending a space for the first time. It is written in simple and plain language, and includes elements which some children may find upsetting. They are primarily designed for Neurodiverse young people, who may want to know about activities such as clapping in advance.

Why might some people find it useful?

Understanding exactly what you will see when you enter a space can relieve anxiety, and preparation for entering a space can form a ritual to support young people who would otherwise be adverse to doing so.

Why have we made a visual guide?

We want everyone to feel welcome at Big Dreamers Festival. Our visual guides are based on the great access work being done by Little Angel Theatre, but if there is something that you think we should be doing - or a resource you'd like to request - please get in touch with us.