Hannah and Tom's Storytellers' Selfie Station

Hannah and Tom joined us for a week of work experience to learn about what goes in to producing a festival. Alongside choosing some of our outdoor artists, Hannah and Tom also created their own roving installation - the Storytellers' Selfie Station. Here, they tell us all about their week.

Once upon a time, Fairy King Turnip Nevervale of the Mushroom Forest was kidnapped by gnomes. The king sent Stuart the friendly dragon to seek help from the courageous Princess Nausicaa. Princess Nausicaa and Stuart defeated the gnomes and banished them from the kingdom. To reward their courage, the king held the biggest party in the land.

You can come and write your own story and become your own fairy tale hero at the Storytellers’ Selfie Station at our outdoor arts events, and popping up around the city throughout the festival.

We’re Hannah and Tom we have been doing work experience for Big Dreamers Festival.

We have really enjoyed our time here. During the week, we helped with the planning stage of the Big Dreamers Festival

2019 (which will be taking place in July). As part of this we have developed skills in decision making, teamwork, and communication; as well as gaining new skills in arts and marketing.

We were given freedom to express ourselves artistically and were given a day of the festival to organise. We also got to come up with our own visual arts installation and were given freedom and a budget with which to do it.

One of the highlights of the week came from ordering the props for our photo booth, in which we found Stuart (pictured) who we grew quite fond of. He is now the unofficial mascot of the festival!

We were also given time to focus on our own art forms to see how they can become careers. This was very valuable as it gave us a chance to gain experience and experiment.

- Hannah and Tom

We love having work experience participants across the year. If you think that we might be able to help, please get in touch.